Saturday, May 22, 2010


Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. [1] That's the simplest understanding of democracy, which is known by almost everyone. [1] Talking about democracy is memburaskan (rap) about power, or rather the management of a civilized power. [2] He is a power management system which is based on values and ethics and civilization which respects human dignity. [2] The main perpetrator of democracy is that we all, each person who has always diatasnamakan but never determine. [3] Keeping the democratization process is properly understood the rights that we have, keep those rights in order to respect anyone, against anyone who tried to violate those rights. [3] Democracy is basically the rule of people (people rule), and in the democratic political system that citizens have rights, equal opportunity and voice in the government regulate in the public world. [4] While democracy is a decision based on majority vote. [5] In Indonesia, the national movement also aspire to the establishment of a democratic country the character of anti-feudalism and anti-imperialism, with the aim of creating a socialist society. [6] For Gus Dur, the foundation of democracy is justice, in the sense of opening up opportunities to everyone, and also means autonomy or independence from the person concerned to organize his life, in accordance with what he want. [7] So the issue of justice is important, in the sense he has the right to determine their own path of life, but must be respected and their rights must be given the opportunity and convenience and help to achieve it

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