Saturday, May 22, 2010

Political system

In a system perspective, the political system is a subsystem of the social system. Perspective or approach to see the whole system of existing interactions in a system that is a unit of relatively separate from their environment and have relatively fixed relationship between its constituent elements. Political life from the perspective of the system can be viewed from any angle, for example by insisting on the existing institutional structure we can look at the relationship between the various agencies or institutions forming the political system. The relationship between the various state institutions such as the central political power is one aspect, while the role of political parties and pressure groups is another part of a political system. By changing the angle of view of the political system could be viewed as political culture, political institutions, and political behavior.
Model of political system will describe the simplest input (input) into a political system, which changes through the political process into outputs (output). In this model inputs are usually associated with support and demands that must be processed by the political system through the various decisions and public services diberian by the government to be able to generate wealth for the people. In this perspective, the effectiveness of the political system is its ability to create prosperity for the people.

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