Saturday, May 22, 2010

Principles of Democracy

Every principle of democracy and a prerequisite of the establishment of democracy has been accommodated in a constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. [8] The principles of democracy, can be evaluated from Almadudi opinion which then known as the "cornerstone of democracy." [9] According to him, the principles democracy are: [9]

   1. Popular sovereignty;
   2. Government based on consent from the governed;
   3. Majority rule;
   4. Minority rights;
   5. Guarantee human rights;
   6. Free and fair elections;
   7. Equality before the law;
   8. Fair legal process;
   9. Government is constitutionally restricted;
  10. Social pluralism, economic, and political;
  11. Tolerensi values, pragmatism, cooperation, and consensus.

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