Saturday, May 22, 2010


Politics is the process of formation and distribution of power in society which, among other tangible decision-making process, especially in the country. [1] This understanding represents a merger attempt between the various different definitions about the nature of politics that is known in political science.

Politics is the art and science to gain power constitutionally and nonkonstitusional.

In addition, politics can also be judging from a different perspective, namely, among others:

    * Politics are efforts taken by citizens to realize the common good (Aristotle's classical theory)
    * Politics are matters relating to the administration and state
    * Politics is an activity that is directed to obtain and retain power in society
    * Politics is all about the process of formulating and implementing public policy.

In the context of political understanding necessary to understand some of the key, among others: political power, legitimacy, political systems, political behavior, political participation, political process, and also equally important to know the ins and outs of the political parties.

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